As the showrunner of “Teen Wolf,” Jeff Davis is the last word when it comes to many of the creative decisions needed to keep the series going strong. Every day Jeff is bombarded with questions from every department head including Barabara Vazquez, seen above, our wonderful costume designer. On this particular day, Barbara, Jeff and Arden were discussing Kira’s wardrobe for episode 411, specifically for Scott and Kira’s date at Derek’s loft. Knowing that Scott and Kira would fight Kate and a Berserker later in the episode, they were debating, along with Joe Genier, our executive producer, Ian Stokes, Ian’s dog Nibbles and Damon Jackson, whether or not Kira should wear her awesome leather jacket during the date. The debate revolved around the need for Kira to wear the jacket during the fight with Kate and the Berserker so Arden and her stunt double would be able to hide the pads needed for their protection. Should Kira take off her jacket during the date? That would make the date with Scott more romantic. But if she does take off the jacket, what’s a believable reason for Kira to pull the jacket back on when the fight begins? Questions like these are the driving force behind every meeting that Jeff has throughout the day.

But for Jeff, the two most important questions are always 1) How does this help the story? and 2) Can it be better?

When these two questions are thoroughly considered and answered, we know that “Teen Wolf” is on the right track for producing another great episode.