THIS is why we love Buzzfeed 

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Flashback Friday to when these beautiful people blessed us with their cuteness at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. This year, Tyler Posey will be co-hosting the pre-show on the red carpet and all your favorite Beacon Hills hotties will be in attendance. Don’t miss it! This Sunday at 9/8c! 


You voted and the Oculus Mirror took over. Just how far did the Oculus Mirror make Holland go? Check out this clip to find out. 


just how far can the oculus mirror make holland go? vote here and see the reveal april 10th. 

If you haven’t added MTV on Snapchat yet, then you’re missing out on gems like these! Username: MTV

Just how far can the Oculus Mirror make Holland go? Vote HERE and check back on April 10th for the reveal. 

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