We had no idea that within 10 days of announcing the contest that we’d have over 10,000 entries and trust us, we read them all. We have delved into AUs and inspired character backstories, hung with Mary Sues and yes, read a lot about a sourwolf and the people that love him.
Our Teen Wolf fans are brilliant, creative and just a little crazy (which is how we love you).
It was much harder to choose a winner than we expected. There have been many heated discussions filled with impassioned pleas by the judges for their favorite stories. And there’s been even more chest-clutching descriptions of scenes to one another, because sometimes we can’t even either. Really, you blew us away with your stories.
We’re very excited and happy to announce that the Teen Wolf Fan Fiction Contest winner is Rianna Elliott for “Side Effects" (we’ll publish it here soon for your reading pleasure). It’s an incredibly moving backstory for Stiles and his mom that is compelling, well-written, and we loved how it tied so beautifully into the last season of Teen Wolf.
We also want to award Honorable Mention to five stories that we absolutely loved. The authors will receive a special Teen Wolf prize package:

  • Spark
  • Hitting the Motherlode
  • Leave Your Window Open
  • The Care and Feeding of Stiles Stilinski
  • Werewolves of London (2012)

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